Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Photo Art...

"Patience walks the steady tread.
Faith, with uplifted eyes.
But hope, tiptoeing on ahead,
Sees first the sun arise." -Isla Paschal Richardson

Today I was going through all my old photos trying to get rid of the ones that are out of focus, do not have good composition, and those I just do not like.  They are taking up a lot of room on my computer.  So much so that my back-up with Carbonite is so far behind that if I had a computer crash, a lot of my photos would be lost.  I do have them all on an external hard drive, but that is getting pretty full as well.  It is time to toss.  As I was doing so, I got side tracked.  I have been taking a class by Kim Klassen, and photo artistry as well.  Both make pictures come alive with textures.  So here is the result of my getting side-tracked.

This man was walking the tracks by our Ice House.  I asked if I could take a picture of him, and he stopped for about 3 seconds.  I think he may be homeless, but he is home to all these little dogs.  

These are tanks a few streets down from the Ice House.  I caught them just as the sun was going down, hence the golden hue.  

Fun at the railroad tracks.  Look down the left rail and see the brother sitting and waiting.   


EarlK said...

Beautiful. Love the shot of the sun on the tanks.

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