Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Around the town...

Recently, our photo club went around the town taking photos of the "downtown."  We soon found ourselves off the Main street taking photos of our older, more rustic area.  It was tremendously fun, and I got some lovely pictures of "old."  Today, Kim Klassen's texture Tuesday had this for our prompt...

This weeks theme - For the Love of ___________ ?
Simply share a favourite image processed with any of my textures....

whatever comes to mind when you think of 'for the love of.'
There's nothing I love more than walking around taking photos…of old things, unique things, and pretty things.  
Drums in the window of a music shop.  I think the sheet music as a background is perfect.

On our way to the old, rustic part of town.  If you look down the street by the railroad crossing, you will see a cat crossing the street.  

Old doors…I love them...

Especially when they have this much character.

Old grainery..

I love taking photos of old trucks…I liked the old worn color of it…and there is a Dr. Pepper can on the front fender.

The Silver Dome…I do not know what they used this for, but now they have concerts in it.

We were lucky to have a train pass by while were taking photos…I was very happy to capture this one.

I am linking up with Kim Klassen's texture Tuesday.  Go over to pay her a visit, and see all the other links with wonderful pictures.


June Caedmon said...

These are great, Rob! The truck and train are my favorites!

Pikkupirtin Lotta/Sirpa said...

Shuch a great pictures! I love old doors as well, averything old actually :)

EarlK said...

Great walk. Love the old wooden door. Wonderful photos.

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