Saturday, September 14, 2013


"He (the Lord) will come to us like the rain." -Hosea 6:3

From drought to flooding.  No happy medium.  It has rained pretty much non-stop for three days.  It started on September 11th.  I wonder if the heavens opened up, and poured forth its own form of mourning since rain started falling on the anniversary of 911.  Maybe it was the Lord weeping...actually wailing, since it came down in torrents.  In all my years of living in Roswell, which has been about 54, I have never seen it rain like this.  I ventured out on the second day because I wanted to take photos of all the rain.  I was going through a huge puddle when my car started beeping at me, and warning pictures came on my dashboard. It scared the wits out of me.   I think it was warning me that my anti-skid feature was not working because it was wet.

When my brother and I were in high school, we drove an old 56 Chevy.

It was like driving a tank.  We had to 2 mph...through puddles when it rained, because it shorted out when the under carriage got the least bit damp.  He and I both walked home on many a rainy day, because of it shorting out.    I was sure hoping that did not happen when I was driving the new Land Cruiser.

Here are some photos from my drive around town.  Least you think I got out in the down pour, you would be wrong.  I drove very slowly, taking pictures through my front windshield.  Probably not the safest thing to do, but I did it anyway.

The Emergency personnel were very busy during the rain/flood.  This is on Washington Avenue in front of Church of Christ.

Main Street.  Water is over the curbs.  It was raining very hard when I took this.  

More along Main Street.  And I have the price of gas documented.  

Main Street in my side rear view mirror.  

See the truck on the left...more emergency help.  Loved the lights.  

Intersection of Washington and Country Club.

More of Washington and Country Club
 Poor Maggie did not know what to do with all the rain.  She'd want to go out.  Two minutes later, she'd want to come it.  Repeat this behavior...a lot of times.  I finally made her stay in, so she wandered around the house meowing her complaints at me.
Maggie on High ground...a step ladder.

I think she cannot believe the rain.  She's saying,"Rain, rain go away.  Come again another day!"
Maggie resigned to boredom inside the house.
This is the Berrendo river bed, which is always dry.  Except to the past three days.  Homeless people live under this bridge.  They were evacuated as the storm started.  On the first night, water reached all the way to the bottom of the bridge.  I took this the second day, and it had receded a lot.

I took the G-kids to see the water.  Of course, I had to get a picture of them in front of such a huge happening.  


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