Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I get to be a model...

"We are like angels with just one wing; we fly only by embracing each other." -unknown

Most of the time, I am looking for people to be the models, or subjects for my photo shoots.  Subjects become especially important when one is taking a class.  This time the tables were turned.  One of my friends is taking an online class in flash photography.  She needed a model for her assignment.  The assignment: she was to be the paparazzi taking photos of a celebrity who did not want her photo taken.  Of course, she had to use her flash.  It was actually quite fun dressing up, acting out the scenario, and trying different things.  She was nice enough to send me some of the photos.  By the way, she has an amazing flash!  These photos are compliments of Gennean.

Don't I look mean?

This one is my favorite.  Maybe because of the color or how nicely she framed it with the car door on the left, and the umbrella on the right.  
Next, she was to use a different setting (aperture priority, program mode, and hmmm, I cannot remember the last one...maybe shutter priority)  on her camera with her flash to see the difference in each of the settings made with the flash.  Do not worry, she only sent one picture, not all three.

Finally, she did a mugshot of her dog.  His crime is pretty funny.

Cute dog, and can you believe he or she, (I do not know which), actually posed for her?  Amazing dog.  And he/she must be pretty smart by now since he/she eats homework.


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