Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mark goes to school...again...

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." -Benjamin Franklin

After two months off, and moving from LA to Boulder,  Mark finally started his Computer Boot Camp School.  It was the reason he relocated.  I forgot the name of the school, which, if you know me, is of no surprise.  But trust me, school started.  First day of class was September 9.  He's got his backpack, and is ready to meet the challenge.

First day of school (photo by Amber)
 Oliver, on the other hand, was rather sad to see him go to school.  Doesn't he look forlorn?
left behind... (photo by Amber)
His first week of class was cut short with all the rain and flooding.  Natural disasters seem to follow Mark and Amber.  In LA, it was fires, and a few minor earthquakes.  When they were on vacation, again, I cannot remember where, they were evacuated from their hotel because of a possible tsunami.  Now after only a few weeks in Boulder, there is massive flooding.  Hmmm.  There seems to be a trend here.  School was cancelled for a couple of days.  Look who was happy to have Mark home.  Oliver...and Amber!
Oliver and buds! (photo by Amber)
Mark and buds, too!
Hopefully, the rain will slow down, the waters will subside, and all will return to normal.


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