Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can You Believe it???

Can you believe we have already gone through the month of January?  It was here, and now it is gone. I just finished a 3 week digital art journaling class from my favorite website of all time... http://www.jessicasprague.com/.  It had to be one of the most challenging, but fun classes I have ever taken.  Take a look at some of my pages...which I cannot wait to get into a book.
Journaling prompt: Escape
On this escape page, I scanned in an old Western Union telegram I found in Jane's old things.  You can see it on the left hand side of the page.  The photo frames are from old pictures of hers as well.  
Prompt: favorite
I truly miss my cat.  I notice Pioneer Woman had a post about her great cats.  I will match mine to hers any day
prompt: found
This is my heart for sure...thank you, Lord for your grace and mercy.  I am nothing without You.
Prompt: friend
There is no friend like my friend Pat... on the left...me on the right.
prompt: halcyon
The bikes are in honor of my man who finds his halcyon on a bike.
prompt: inherit
My parents.  I added a touch of blush and color to her lips just for fun.
prompt: time
There is never enough time--so it seems. 
prompt: journey
 I want adventure!
prompt: listen
We all need to listen more.  Luke used to tell me I never listened...but he does talk a lot.
prompt: song
I loved this quote from Ronald Reagan.   
prompt: strength
I get my strength from my God and the man he gave me.  I love Warren. 
prompt: travel
Thank you, Jane for making sure I have more pages in my book.
prompt: fear
The verse says it all!
This art journaling class finished, and I have started a new one called "Flash of Brilliance" which is how to use an external flash.  Tomorrow will be day 3 and already I have learned so much...mostly on how little I know.  Truly, I did learn a lot in that first day.  I will be stalking friends and family to use as subjects for my assignments.  Poor Warren has already been "shot."  Beware!


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