Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas 2011

Good golly miss Molly, am I ever behind in getting Christmas pictures posted.  I decided I had to get something done today or it will be Christmas again before you know it.  We had a huge snow storm settle into our town on December 23, which was the day Amber and Mark were to fly in.  All flights in were canceled, all roads in and out of town were closed.  Mark and Amber went back to LA and I was one sad Mom.  Thank goodness Mark was determined to get here.  They rebooked a flight into Albuquerque the next day, rented a 4-wheel drive SUV (thank goodness Obama has not gotten rid of them), and made it in. (the road had opened the next day).

The snow did make for some pretty nice pictures.  Warren was a good sport and went out to let me get some pictures of him...but I was told to hurry up, which I did.  I loved my pictures of my awesome man.
It is really snowing hard, yet his toleration is remarkable.
 This is one of my favorite shots.
 It is really cold out here, can you get on with this?
 I don't want my hat ruined because of the snow.
 I have things I gotta do.
Like shoveling the sidewalk.  Where are my boys when I need them?

Snow means snowball fights and snowmen.
 Reid is rolling the second snowball...the first one is on the left.
It takes two to lift it...Ian and Mark.  Reid supervises.
 Now for a carrots, but we have lots of icicles.
 Erynn brings one arm...icicles too.
 And Reid brings the other arm.
 Kind of looks like a President Nixon move with the arms!
This is the gang that built it, minus the photographer who made the bottom snowball.

 Amber looking good.  She has her sunglasses on in a lot of pictures.
I think Mark's getting ready to plaster me with a snowball.

 The family picture that is so hard to get.  Everyone complains about posing.
 Concentrating on a game of chess...boys against girls.  I don't remember who won.
 This is a pretty good picture, but Mark moved, so he's a little blurry.
 This one is in better focus.
 No sunglasses.
Mark getting plastered with snow.
 And he had a birthday too! 29 years old.
One more Christmas shot, and we are done.  I know.  There are a lot of pictures, but at least you don't have to read an essay from me, just look at pictures.


Carol said...

It's not fair! Roswell had snow on Christmas, and IL didn't. Looks like beautiful snow so I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your snowman is one of the coolest I've ever seen. Wonderful pictures of your family ... the grands are adorable and growing so fast, it seems.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this -- you are an awesome photographer and designer!! Pat Fulkerson

Anonymous said...

LOVE this -- you are an awesome photographer and designer!! Pat Fulkerson

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