Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two more art journaling pages

My art journal class is least I think so.  On Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we have a lesson.  Then on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays we have a journaling prompt.  Needless to say I am one day behind.  And will be more behind by the weekend since I am going to have no time to work on any lessons until Saturday afternoon.  I seem to remain behind on everything...even with my good intentions to stay caught up for 2012.  Sigh!  Here it is late at night, my loving man is calling me to come to bed, but I have one more thing to do, and that is get my pictures posted for my latest art journaling pages.  I just love them.

I took this page with me to my hands on art journaling class, and one lady commented about the picture of the man in the top right hand corner.  She said, "Oh, I just loved him in that movie, 'Lonesome Dove!'"  I thought that was so funny, and I told her, "I don't think you saw this man...that's my husband!" I knew I married a celebrity! Be still my beating heart!
This was lesson three.  Journaling prompt: Home.  Instead of "All roads lead to Rome", I changed it to home.  Home is where I want to be, just like the song 'Homeward Bound' by Simon and Garfunkel says...home, where my thoughts are escaping; home where the music is playing.  There is no place like home!


Michelle Wilkes said...

Rob- these look awesome! How funny about your celebrity husband!

Rob said...

Hello Michelle. Glad you could stop in! I loved your Christmas card and your fun news letter. You have a way of taking the ordinary things in life and making them funny and enjoyable to read.

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