Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog.  Well it really isn't new, it has just had a facelift.  I like the new look, but I am sure having a hard time learning how to navigate it.  I have accidentally deleted some posts that I really didn't want to delete while I was trying to figure this new blog out.  Hopefully, I will educate myself sooner rather than later.

So how do you like it?


Laurie said...

Looks nice! How did you end up getting your new design?

Rob said...

Well, the Coffeeshop photography website has a person who helps design blogs. She sent me the PNG files for my header and static header, and I did them. Then I picked my colors and textures for my backgrounds, and she put them in place. I wish it were a whole lot easier because I would love to change the backgrounds with each holiday. Maybe I will eventually get where I can to it. Who knows.

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