Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Sleep Over

I will admit I am a tad behind getting this posted, but better late than never.  Right?  It all started on January 13th.  I wonder if my thinking was a little off because of the date...Friday, the 13th.  Probably not.  I had this brilliant idea of having the grandkids over to spend the night for several reasons.

1. We didn't have them over on our normal weekly time.  I had a workshop I wanted to attend.
2. I wanted to give Ian and Laurie a break from their children.  All parents need that now and then.
3. It was an experiment to see how they would do on a sleep over.  If all went well, we'd do it more often.
4. I was insane.
5. Warren said it was okay.  

Do I look insane?  
I decided it would be best to have a very healthy meal.  So I got all the ingredients to have a "build your own pizza" entree.  Warren started helping them, so I had to tell him that he wasn't allowed to help in any way.  This was a kid night, no matter the mess.  We did have some cherry tomatoes to go with our pizzas.   How healthy can you get?  Of course, we had to have the finest, healthiest drinks to wash down the healthy pizzas, so we had orange soda pop.  It has to be made from oranges doesn't it...the FDA would surely not let there be any false labels.  We followed all this with healthy "build your own sundaes."  They scooped their own ice cream, crushed their own Oreo cookies, and added chocolate syrup to their heart's desire.  We did have one problem...their bowls were too small.  I could tell by the fact that Oreo cookie crumbs were right up to the brim.  One dip with a spoon, and it would be all over the table.  So we just got larger bowls.  While they were eating their desserts, Pawpaw read the devotional and asked questions.  Reid was concerned it would be really long, and was relieved when it only took about 5 minutes...and he liked the story.

Reading the devotional
Next up was movie time, which pretty much lasted the rest of the evening.  They were going to share the same room, but Reid was ready for bed and Erynn was not.  Reid went to Ian's old room and was soon fast asleep.  Erynn was another matter.  That girl can stay up with no problem.  We finally all got into bed and the McKelvy household was fast asleep.  The next morning, Pawpaw found them in the room Erynn slept in watching a movie, but they were dressed and had their beds made.  I think the sleep over was a smashing success.  At least, we think so.  You'll have to ask Erynn and Reid yourself to see if they liked it.
See, I told you we had healthy food.  
Making pizza,  watching the movie, and the ice cream sundae is all gone!


Laurie said...

Looks like you all had a fun evening :) And you can never go wrong with pizza & ice cream. I think Erynn would live on pizza, ice cream & bean burritos if I let her!

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