Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some favorite pictures

I am in the process of putting together a 2010 memory album, and boy, am I having trouble picking out pictures to include since I think all of them need to be in it.  As I do each page, I think "oh, I just love these."  Then I do the next page and I like it equally well.  It is very satisfying to have such joy well up inside me as I complete each page.  It is like I am birthing something very precious to me.  I thought I would post some of a few of my favorite ones I have done today.

In looking at some of the photo galleries on my favorite website,, I have seen a lot of postings for a "project 365" which is just a matter of taking a photo every day of the year, journaling, and making a photo book.  I do something like that on, but thought it would be fun to actually try to do the project photo book.  I was really inspired when I went to this blog,, and saw the examples of some of the daily photos Jamie took.  Her photos are amazing.  Maybe I will get some posted, but only after  I get my 2010 album completed.

Warren at McDonald's.  He was letting me practice
my indoor photography while the grandkids played.

Adi when she was here in June.  

Warren "tickling" a patient's tummy
 during a physical exam.


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