Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy 31st Birthday Zach

Happy Birthday to Zach who is 31 years old today.  There was never a dull moment when Zach was around.  He was a very busy little boy, but a good little boy, too.  A couple of things in particular stand out in my mind.  The first is that he talked very plainly and in complete sentences before the age of two.    He was  inquisitive about everything.  One time he was suppose to be taking his nap, only I did not know he was not.  He was playing around in his room.  We lived in an old house, so there were not many outlets, hence the need for extension cords.  I had a box fan plugged in with an extension cord.  Shortly after he was put down, I heard this horrible scream and loud crying coming from Zach.  I ran upstairs and found him crying with his lower lip swollen with two burn marks similar to slits in an outlet plug.  When asked what happened, he said he had unplugged the extension cord from the fan.  When he could not get it reconnected, he bit it to get it together and got quite an electrical shock.  Not knowing what to do, I took him to see Warren at his office just incase he needed to be treated medically.  Warren was not too shocked about the whole thing.  I guess he has seen just about everything in his medical career.

Zach 3 years

Zach today

So happy birthday to Zach.  May you have a great year.  We love you much.


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