Saturday, January 22, 2011


After I posted yesterday, I went to several blog sites I check pretty regularly.  One of them was my daughter-in-law, Jordan's blog,  I love reading about what is going on in their lives and her writing is entertaining.  I think living with Luke automatically makes things entertaining.  I find out more there than in conversations, and old-fashioned letters which are out of style now and never get anyway.  I had to laugh at the comment Luke made about blogs: Jordan posted,
 Luke suggested last night that I need to start updating my blog again and when I mentioned that I wasn’t sure what to write about he said, “well, then, right about green beans.  That’s what blogs are for anyway, to write about piddley things like green beans and people love it.”  
Luke's statement does have an element of truth to it.  But most of all, I like to read about the relationship they have to each other and the Lord.  It does a mother's heart good to know someone loves your son as much as you do.  So even if it was about green beans I would like it.

This morning I was thinking about my picture for the 365 project, and what to write about on my blog, and decided what I was doing at that moment was perfect for both.  What was I quiet time and it was quite an appropriate scripture.  

We are called to worship the Lord.  Here the Psalmist says to ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.  He is worthy of all our praise and worship.  Then, I decided to set up a photo with all my stuff I use each morning for my time with God.  I use colored pencils to mark repeated words in my reading, a journal to write what God speaks to me, a daily devotion, my Bible,  my glasses because I cannot see anything without them, and the cross is just for fun.  
For added fun, I took a picture of the spot where Luke was practicing writing his name.  At the time he did it, I was not too thrilled that he chose my Bible for his paper, but now I treasure it.  This is my piddley rantings for today. Go and be blessed in the name of the Lord.


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