Friday, January 14, 2011

Past few days

I take the pictures for our new membership class at church.  We choose a different theme for each class.  The last classes' theme was Hollywood stars.  We decorated the church with a red carpet, lights, and we all dressed up or came a "star".  I enjoy getting into our themes very much.  With this one, I found some big, loop earrings, a cubic zirconium necklace, and a hat.  I rarely get my picture taken, since I am doing the picture taking, but Warren took this one for me.

My "movie star" outfit

As usual, we had the grandkids on Thursday and had a great time. This time Warren took the pictures. It is kind of nice being in some pictures.

Reid and Mimi having fun

Now it is Erynn's turn.  

All of us.  We had a great time.

Today, I finished the Christmas stockings I was making for Mark and Amber. I know, I know, they are kind of late, but I wanted Amber to pick out the material. Since they came after Christmas, I wasn't able to complete them this year. So, they are actually very early for next year. I think they turned out very nice.
The stockings for next year.


Laurie said...

More great pictures. Looks like you and the kids indeed had a great time :) And the stockings turned out really cute.

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