Monday, February 17, 2014

Twins 2nd birthday…part 1

"Happy Birthday to you…"

Warren and I were beginning to wonder if we were going to be able to get out of town for the twin's second birthday…Dallas had an unexpected snow storm…our plane was 5 hours late.  This meant we missed our connection, and had to spend the night in Dallas.  The good that came out of it all was that we got to see Zach with no pressure to rush off.  It was a very nice stop over.

We arrived in NC on the twins actual birthday.  We stopped at a couple of stores on the way back to Luke's house get balloons, dinosaur glow sticks, and one special present for their actual birthday.

They had a dump truck cake.

 We went to a local restaurant for dinner where Luke gave the boys their special gift: baseball gloves.

Luke gave the boys a lesson on how to put on the gloves and how to maneuver them to catch a ball...and then he tried to play catch with them.  They did better with grounders. The next morning I was holding Sawyer, who had on his glove, and Luke starting tossing a ball way high in the air. I would move Sawyer's gloved hand, so he would catch the ball.  He thought that was so funny, and laughed that good old belly laugh.  It was fun!  My arm was sure sore the next day from holding him.  Whew! What a workout.

The theme of the party was construction. The twins found some hard hats, and had a lot of fun puttering about wearing them.  Hmmm.  Hope Sawyer is never on some high rise construction project.  The way he wears his hat might prove to be disastrous since he cannot see what's in front of him.  He liked wearing his hat over his eyes…that night, and at the party.

I had my friend, Suzanne, help me make banners for the twin's party.

Luke was keeping his eye on all of us to make sure every detail was perfect…and that we were all working.

 Everyone child got their own "Construction placemat, and hard hat.  

Table decorations and party bags for the guests.

 The food was chicken nuggets from Chick-o-filet.  Yum!  They are being dumped out of the dump truck.  Clever.  To the left, there is a smaller dump truck with forks, and napkins in the back part of the truck.

These donuts are in fact, tires…I bet you would have never guessed that…the tractor is pulling them on a flatbed.

Father and Son…aka Pawpaw and Daddy...


suzoreo said...

Oh WOW! Fantastic decorations!! I love the dump truck with the chicken nuggets and the flat bed with the "tires!" Your banner looks fabulous (hard hat was a super cute addition!) And, Jordan is soooo creative. Fabulous cake and chalkboard art. Looks like a fun party. Oh yes, and those 2 two-year olds, THEY are adorable!!

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