Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bumps, bruises, and best friends...

"We were never made to do this life on our own." -Erin Leigh

I took this quote from an art website I love to visit for two reasons. #1:  I like her artwork which is mixed media, #2: and probably the most important reason of all, is that she is uplifting, encouraging, and always focuses on the Lord Jesus Christ in everything she writes, and in her artwork.  You can find the post for this quote here.  I promise you that you will not be disappointed to visit her site.

That said, I had a wonderful opportunity to share my Cape Cod trip with a very dear friend, Pauline.  She was my roommate for the trip, and I learned so much from her about hair.  She is a beautician, now retired.  Her hair always looks amazing…something that escapes me…I am glad I had boys, because I know little about fixing hair.  On this trip, I learned about product…hair products.  She had a whole cosmetic bag full of product, which she let me try out, but more importantly, showed how to use!  I had great hair for the entire trip, and I felt like a million dollars.  When you have a good hair day, things are just better.

Meet Pauline.  She has fantastic white hair.  Because of her beautiful, shiny color, I have toyed with the idea of not dying my hair anymore, and letting it revert back to its natural state of white.  But I have not been brave enough yet…I know the growing out faze will be a nightmare, and I will look like a nightmare while doing it, so I remain chemically dependent on my hair coloring.


We were not only roommates on the Cape Cod trip, we shared a seat on the bus.

This our little entourage for most of the trip: Left to right, Diane, Stephanie, Julie, and Pauline.

Pauline and me.

Pauline at our Lobsterfest…we all had to wear these bibs.  
One day Pauline called me to let me know she has cancer.  We cried together, tried to look on the bright side, and talked about things to come.  This is why we were never made to do this life on our own.  Not only do we need to be in fellowship with Jesus, but He has provided us with friends who help us go through life: the fun times, like Cape Cod; and the bad times: when your facing cancer.

I think, as women, we like our hair…even if you are like me, and find yourself hair challenged when it comes to fixing it.  Pauline had made a hair appointment to have her hair shaved.  Apparently, it is recommended that you shave your head before the hair actually begins to fall out, since your scalp will be sensitive when it actually starts happening.  She could not do it.  She cancelled her appointment.  I told her I had clippers, and would be happy to shave her hair for her in the comfort of her own home.  One morning, she called me to say it was time, and could I come over that morning to shave her hair.  It was Valentine's Day!  Oh, my heart ached for her.  Armed with my clippers, a skull cap, and scarf, I went over.  She had invited another friend to help her through the ordeal, and of course, her hubby was there in his cheerleading outfit. (not literally, just figuratively).  He took video, because one day, she will be all done with this, and have her hair back.  The video will be a reminder of how God brought her through a horrible trial.

We all cried as I cut her hair.  When I was done, she had no hair, but she was so beautiful, and in good spirits.  At least she seemed better.  Her other friend and I went through all kinds of ways to wear, and tie a head scarf.  We had Pauline put on bright red lipstick, and BIG earrings, and fixed her scarf.  She looked rather dashing, and daring to boot.  She was gorgeous, and I thought maybe I should start wearing scarves.  Maybe I could fix scarves better than my hair!  Besides, she looked so cute!

Pauline, and her headscarf.  
I called her the next day to find out if she needed me to come over to help her tie her headscarf.  She said, "No," and then told me about how your Valentine's Day went.  She ended by saying it was one of the best days she has experienced in a long time.  See, we are better together.   Pauline now has a complete array of hats, scarves, and one wig.  She is ready for this new adventure the Lord has her in right now.  She is "strong in the Lord, and strength of His might."  You go girl!


Deb said...

Beautiful Rob. You are such a great and good friend. Love you posts .... and you.

suzoreo said...

Pauline is blessed to have a sweet friend like you (and you are blessed to have her as a friend). This is a beautiful post.

suzoreo said...

Pauline is blessed to have a sweet friend like you (and you are blessed to have her as a friend). This is a beautiful post.

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