Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Let your light shine...

Today I am participating in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  The theme for today is light.  I bought some pretty pink tulips for Valentine's Day with an ulterior motive... to photograph them.  I must have a hundred pictures of these tulips. They were well worth the $5.00 I paid…I had so much fun photographing them, and got to enjoy them to boot.

kk_tres soft light 100%, duplicate layer, change blend mode to multiply 100%, add kk_chill, soft light blend mode 84%, add a hue/saturation layer clipped to kk_chill texture, colorize to change the texture from cream to the soft blue.

kk_cecile texture, soft light blend mode 100%


Beverly said...

Lovely soft pink tulips - love the light on the top one. Both are so refreshing and pretty, with wonderful verses!

Carmel said...

Beautiful images ....so delicate and the light is so soft.

Anonymous said...

So pretty and Iove the scripture to go along

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