Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fun in the snow...

"It snowed." -Warren McKelvy

It snowed the day before Thanksgiving.  More of a dusting of snow.
Back deck.  

scene from front porch.
 There were a couple of boys who longingly peered out at the white stuff.  "Can we go out and play in it?"  So we bundled them up nice and warm, and out they went.
 Look at the snow.

 Sawyer had a hard time walking with 2 inches of ice stuck to the bottom of his shoes.
 It was like walking on platform shoes.

Boy on a mission.

Missing a glove, and where are his feet?

Uncle Mark was one of the boys who went out to play.  Jordan and I took pictures. 

Tate evaluating the scene.

Yes he likes the snow.

And he likes the rake.

Uncle Mark.  
After play time in the snow, PawPaw had story time with the boys.  They love books.
Pawpaw and Tate.

Sawyer with "raffie", and his drink.  

Sawyer listens to the story.  
It was a great day!  


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