Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Daily…day 4…God and Rob

"If you seek creative ideas go walking.  Angels whisper to man when he goes for a walk." -Raymond I. Myers

When I go walking, I find that is the time when I am very in tune to the voice of God, IF, I do not take my iPod with me to listen to tunes.  A long time ago, I started writing what I call "manna" verses on 3x5 notecards to memorize while I walked.  Now I use them to pray them back to God.  This morning I decided to take a photo after my walk to document my winter walking outfit.  I got a glorious picture, not of me, but of the suns rays…kind of like God was giving me a glimpse of His glory.

Back in October, I had a stye on my left eye that lead to an eye infection, and cellulitis.  It was painful, but worse…I looked just beautiful with a swollen, red eye.  NOT.  Warren told me to put heat on it, and started me on oral, and topical antibiotics.  I finally went to see an ophthalmologist, who said to keep heat on it all day, and continue with the antibiotics.  I should have just listened to my husband, and skipped the doctor.  Who has time to sit around with an eye compress on all day?  My solution:

That's right a headband around the washcloth trick.  The heat was supposed to help the stye come to a head, and drain.  I was told that sometimes they did not.  Then, it can leave a cyst.  I so wanted mine to drain.  Mine did not.  I was left with a small pea sized cyst on my eyelid.  Not cute.  Today, I went to get it removed.  I was actually dreading it when my ophthalmologist told me how they did it…flip the eyelid, and cut it out from the underside.  I think the worse part was getting the Novocain injected.  The rest just felt funny.  But it is done, no patch or stitches.  I am good again.  Well, I will be in a couple of days.


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