Monday, July 15, 2013

Our new car...

"Let's deal." -Warren McKelvy

We bought a new Land Cruiser on Saturday.  We did not originally plan to buy a car that day.  We  drive by the Toyota place, and look for Land Cruisers from time to time.  Our old car is 12 years old, and we have actually driven it for 13.  It was a 2001, but we bought it in 2000.  When my friend Debbie, and her husband, were in town about a month ago looking for cars, I went with them.  There was a Land Cruiser on the lot then.  I told Warren about it, and the next day we went to look at it.  It was gone.  Sold. Just like that.  On Thursday, Warren took our old Land Cruiser in for an oil change.  He noticed they had a new Land Cruiser on the lot.  He looked at it.  He told me about it, and that was that.  Friday evening we went out to eat, and after we ate, I said, "Let's go look at that Land Cruiser."  We did.  Little did I know Warren had already done his homework.  He knew how much the new ones were going for, and what our old one was worth.  The salesman demonstrated all the new bells and whistles to us, we went for a test drive, he asked if he could look at our car.  He presented us with a  deal.  That's when Warren said, "well I went online..."  They came back with a better deal.  Warren told me our old car was having some problems with the 4-wheel drive system, and he did not want to spend a fortune to get if fixed.  With Mark moving to Colorado, in all likelihood, we would be driving in some conditions where 4-wheel drive would be necessary.  Warren looked at me, then said, "I'm ready to deal." He bought the car, just like that.  We could have driven it home that night, but we said we would come by the next morning.

This car has cameras on all sides (no more scrapes or dings for me), it does not require a key to start, it can start remotely, has a DVD player, amazing phone capabilities, and tons of other technical stuff.  In fact, it has so much technical stuff, it is overwhelming.  It will be a steep learning curve for me.  I like this new car a lot!  The no key thing is kind of weird though.  Now I want to go on a trip somewhere just to drive it.  I will have to think where to go...


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