Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Future Tour de France participants?...

Since the Tour de France is going on right now, and Warren diligently watches every stage and race, I was reminded of how he watched the bike races faithfully when we were babysitting the twins in May. It is no secret that Warren loves bicycling.  He has a lot of bikes...I cannot remember how many, but a lot.  He rides, he watches, and he dreams.  He, also, did his best to indoctrinate our grandsons into the sport.  Each morning he would gather them on his lap, turn on the computer, and all three watched the bicycle race.  I could not believe how entranced these little guys were.  Maybe they will be future Tour de France participants.  Who knows?

Three guys enjoying the bicycle race.  

I got a shot of the screen so you can see that it really is bicycling.  Sawyer is pointing out something about the race to his PawPaw.

Intrigued for sure.  (Luke...yes I combed Tate's hair the old grandma way...there was no hope for Sawyer's hair.  It does its own thing.) 


Jordan said...

So so cute. Love the documentation. You guys have got to get out here soon so you can catch some newer photos too. :)

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