Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mark & Amber...

Mark and Amber will soon be taking a big leap in their lives...they are moving to Boulder, Colorado.  Mark quit his job, and will be going back to school to learn computer programming.  He has big plans in mind, and is hoping to find employment in Denver.  This is going to be a big change for Oliver.  He is a beach boy...acclimated to the California lifestyle.
Beach Boys.  Mark and Oliver.
Chilling out.

I bet Oliver is as spoiled as our cat.

King of the couch.

Tummy time.

Little does he know what is ahead for him...snow.  
I think Oliver is going to be in trouble when winter comes in Colorado.  They have a lot of snow.  He's used to the beach.  You can find him on the beach, since he is a different color than the sand.  How is he going to be found in the snow?  He's going to blend right in.  Maybe Mark and Amber should tie a helium balloon to his collar, so they will be able to spot him quickly.  

Mark & Amber recently went to Boulder to find an apartment.  They accomplished their goal, and sent pictures of the area.  So cool.  I actually got pictures.  Thank you, guys, for sending them.  I love pictures.

Boulder, here I come.

The mountains.

Cool sun rays falling on this handsome couple.  

More gorgeous scenery.

Afternoon storm.  
This picture Amber sent because she thought Mark looked more like his dad here.  Hmmm.  I don't know.  Maybe.
Handsome dude no matter who he looks like.  

The big move will be August 13.  Keep them in your prayers as they take this big leap of faith.


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