Friday, July 5, 2013


"Fireworks are an art form that uses the night sky as the canvas." -Larry Crump

Last night I went with the Bond and DeFranco family to see and take pictures of the city's fireworks.  It was my first time to photograph fireworks, and it is very similar to photographing lightning, only less dangerous for the spectator.

After the fireworks, we all went to the DeFranco's where we had some firework fun of our own.  We wrote words with sparklers.  The first two pictures on the blog today are some more word drawings that we did.

We has some mess ups on our word drawing before those drawing got it right.  We, also, had trouble lighting the sparklers, and keeping them lit.  
The first person's sparkler fizzled out, so the others just drew crazy stuff.  

Backwards "2", and the "1" has some problems.
Then I took some artie shots of Stephanie while she was taking pictures.
Stephanie, hard at work.

Light is from her camera LCD.

I love all the colors here: green, red, blue, instead of red, white and blue!
It was a good 4th!


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