Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fun filled Friday, and Friends...

"It takes a long time to grow an old friend." -John Leonard

My dear, and long time friend, Deborah, came with her husband for a car-hunting trip. (They live in Carlsbad). She let her husband do the car hunting while she came to visit me.  I was thrilled.  We have been fast friends from the time we met playing softball for Charlie's Angels.  Let's see, that was about 40 years ago.  She played first base, and I shortstop.   She was the only one who could handle my throws and was not afraid of the ball. (I throw hard...well, I used to throw hard).  She seldom let a ball get by her.  There was nothing we would rather do than play ball!

Charlie's Angel Softball Team.  Charlie is the man in case you did not know.
People got us mixed up all the time.  People would ask me something about how certain things were going, only they would be referring to Deb, thinking I was Deb, and vice-versa.  We just answered them without correcting them, because we knew what was happening in each other's lives we were so close. Even her husband got us mixed up when we came up to the plate to bat. He would call me Deb, and her, Rob.  The really strange thing was when I met her brother.  I thought I was looking at my own brother, Tom.  Her brother looked just like him, right down to the curly hair.  Amazing!

Back to my story.  We had a lot of catching up to do over lunch, then I took her to my favorite store in the whole world...well, my little world, Down Home.  They have remodeled the outside.  It is now painted pink, and everything in the yard is pink.  It is cute, and interesting.  So naturally, I had to take pictures.

We decided the first place to take pictures was on the old pink sofa with the dead end sign, and the bug standing there.  Deb and I would still look alike if I did not get my hair color from a box.  My natural color is pretty much her color.  One of these days, I am going to give up coloring my hair. 
Deb and her husband moved a lot...let's see there was Oklahoma, Texas, and Kentucky.  I  visited her in all those places.  We have stayed friends, and we have so much fun when we are together.  It is like we have never been apart.  
Next, it was my turn to get a picture taken.   I posed with this beat up old pick-up truck that I wished I had in my yard.  Notice the ice cream cone by the steering wheel, and the lollipop antennae , and the butterfly by the driver's side.  So cool.    I do not think Warren will let me have one though.  Maybe he'd be more open to the chicken!
Deb and the rooster.  Too, too cute.  We did a fast trip through the store, then went to join her husband, since he wanted her to drive some of the cars.  The whole purpose of their trip was to find a car after all.  I came along for the test drives because we were still not done visiting.  Besides, I might want a new car myself.   After the test drives, we were off to SAM's to pick up a few things.  It was getting late, and they still had to drive home, so we had to part company.  I am revived and refreshed from her visit.  The Lord knows the right timing to bring some adventure, and Christian encouragement into my life.  I am so glad she came.  I sure needed it!  I am better for it.  


Deb said...

Sweet Robinski. I love you! It was a beautiful day together. We'll do it again soon hopefully.

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