Monday, April 8, 2013

Result of my mole, and most hated job...

"Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord." Psalms 27:14

This quote has nothing to do with my posting today.  I just liked it, and who doesn't need such advice.  The verse kept coming up in my reading, so it must be for me.

My poor back where the mole was still has a very nice hole in it.  Warren had to restitch me after I managed to pull them out.  Well, those stitches did not stay in too well either.  2 of the 4 were out last Wednesday.  I wanted him to go stitch me up again, but he said the healing process was too far along to stitch it.  I would have a scar, but with it being on my back, it did not matter much.  True, true.  My follow up appointment was this afternoon.  My diagnosis is Melanoma in situ which is a fancy term for a melanoma that has not invaded the dermis.  Here's what is says on the web: "Melanoma in situ comes from the Latin phrase "in situ," which means "in place." Melanoma in situ is cancer in the very early stages, when it affects only the top layer of the skin. At this point, the cancer has not spread deeper into the body. Cancer diagnosed at this early stage also means that it is less likely to recur or spread to other parts of the body than melanomas that are diagnosed at a later stage." 
Melanoma in situ
It is a good thing Warren made me go have it checked out.  See, he's my hero again. Doesn't he look like a super hero here?  I wonder what his super hero name should be?  I'll have to think on that.
Saved again by my super hero.
The treatment is pretty easy to do.  I have to go back and have more cut out from around where the mole was just make sure everything is gotten.  I think he said it had to have 5 mm all around it, and he only got 1.6 mm.  I had not realized how deep he cut.  He said he went down all the way to the fatty tissue.  No wonder I have such a huge hole.  I have an appointment for April 29, which is right before my trip to NC to babysit.  I thought by not having any exercise classes the stitches would be more likely to stay.  Hmmm.  I wonder how picking up toddlers will affect it?  After that,  I have to be checked every 6 months for awhile to make sure it does not come back.  I pray it will not.

I have many household jobs that I do not enjoy, like emptying the dishwasher, grocery shopping, folding clothes, putting away clothes to name a few.  But the one I detest the most is putting away, and getting out seasonal clothes.  Too bad we cannot just go buy new clothes each season.  I decided to tackle this chore last Thursday.  I knew I was in trouble when I did not have enough room to store our winter items when the summer ones were cleaned out, and in the drawers.  Warren had T-shirts from  before we were married.  They got tossed.  I have a trash sack of clothes for Good Will.  I asked Warren if he knew he had a whole drawer...a very large drawer that just had sports socks in it.  I thought at least 2 months worth.  He said, "well that would mean 60 pair of socks.  I do not have that many."  I wanted to bet a million dollars on it, but he would not.  That night, I counted the socks in his drawer...there were 56; he had a pair on his feet, and 3 pair were in the dirty clothes.  60 pair exactly.  I lost my chance to be a millionaire.  Rats.  When my friend Debbie came to visit, she asked me what I had been up to, and I told her about the 60 socks.  She said that did not compare to her husband who has 75 pair of dress slacks in his various closets.  I wonder how many sports coats Warren has... a lot.  I wonder how many vests I have...a lot.   The plan for the summer is to get our closets under control.  I wonder if that is really possible.  


Deb said...

Yikes girlfriend. Sorry to hear this was melanoma in any form. I will pray that our Healer will take care of it for you on the next procedure and that it will NEVER come back.

Also, sorry you missed your chance at being a millionaire! Actually we are so blessed that being a millionaire isn't that important!

I love you!

Laurie said...

How 'bout "Wonder Warren"?! LOL! So glad you got that mole removed! Also, I am totally with you on unloading the dishwasher and putting away clothes. Two of my least favorites, too!

Rob said... are right. We are so blessed that being a millionaire does not matter.

Rob said...

Hmmm...wonder Warren sounds like a good name to me. You are so creative.

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