Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bubble photo shoot...

"Let your words be few, and your exposures be many." 

I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to do a photo shoot with the twins that would be similar...

Is that not the cutest idea.  We decided we would try to replicate this photo shoot.  Believe me, it was no easy task with our unpredictable weather, and boys.  On the day that it was nice and warm out, the boys crashed at 6:30.  Finally, we were down to our last day.  It would have to be now or never... and it was cold outside--66 degrees.  I asked Warren and Luke to help me set up this shoot by making sure there was heat, and warm water in the tub.  They set up our outdoor propane heater by our photo spot, and they ran a hose from the hot water heater to fill that tub.  What geniuses I have: father and son.   I would have been carrying pots of warm water out to the tub.   I scouted out potential photo spots.  The light and background had to be just right.
In spot #1, there was an ugly tree and fence in the background, #2 had too much greenery in front of the tub, # 3 still an ugly background, #4 was our spot.  We liked the rustic fence to go along with the tub.

I bought a bubble machine to pump out the bubbles.  I had to test it to make sure it worked and the bubble would photograph nicely.

My cat was wandering around, and was very interested in what we were doing.  We used her as our test subject.  We shot bubbles at her, and were so happy that our little operation was going to work.  She did not know what was going on, but she did not show any fear of the bubbles.

Luke filled the tub with nice warm water, and made bubblebath from Aveeno Baby wash.  We did not want soap that stung the eyes.  All we had to do was add the boys.

Then we turned on the bubble machine.  They did not know what to think at first, but soon liked their bubbles, and water.  And began to play.

Very happy boys...and lots of bubbles.

Fun, and more fun... I think at this point they are still unsure.

Hmmm.  I am not sure about these looks.  

They are starting to relax some.

Now they are really beginning to enjoy their surroundings.  We had trouble keeping them in the tub.


Tate again...


Tate relaxing, and Sawyer with his goatee...

So much fun...
That's all for the bubbles.  All clean and ready for bed.


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