Monday, April 29, 2013

Surgery, and stuff...

"I shall make the most of all that comes; and the least of all that goes." -Sara Teasdale

He sat in front of me in Geometry class.  In fact, he sat close to me in most of my high school classes.  His name is John Henry, and he is now my dermatologist.  Today I went to see Dr. Henry to get the prescribed margins cut around my melanoma.  They call it surgery, which I think is weird since I think of surgery as something that needs to be done in a hospital under anesthesia.   It is surgery, just done in the office, and with local anesthesia.

In High School, John was a brainy-act, so I felt quite comfortable letting him cut on me, and trusting him with the outcome.  During the procedure, we talked about some of our classmates, wondering where some are, and lamenting over those whose lives were cut short.  

All I felt during the procedure was little bits of pressure every now and then.  I wonder if cutting skin is like cutting a piece of pie or cake.  I imagine he has cut out a perfect rectangle in my back, and I think of geometry.  He always knew the geometry theorems, and I trust he is the same today in his profession.  He knows his stuff.  At one point, he had to cauterize some blood vessels that were bleeding.  It was sure strange smelling the burning flesh.  My flesh, and it did not smell as pleasant as a pie or cake baking.  Pretty soon, I could tell he was sewing me up, and I assured him I would be more careful about the stitches.  I got subs to take my aerobic and water classes while I am healing, so there would be little danger in pulling out these five stitches.  Tonight, I can tell something has been done to my back.  There is a dull pain where I was cut on, and I have to be careful not to sit completely back against a chair.  

Before my procedure, I went for a walk.  My wonderful cat was taking in the morning rays perched up on the brick fence post.  She looked so regal.  My neighbors call her the cat that has the "saddle" on her back because her calico colors look like a saddle.  I had never thought of that before.  Interesting description.

Maggie enjoying the morning.  

I like the morning light as it shines through nature.  I did stop to take a picture of a lovely weed.  Well, the flower looks lovely.  The stem has stickers on it, so this is not one of those wild flowers you pick to take home.  In fact, I always hated picking this week out my yard, or garden.  Thankfully this was not in my yard.  Kind of looks like a star, don't you think?  I am, also, thankful for iPhone cameras.  They take very nice pictures.


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