Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sewing lesson...

There is no better illustration for teaching my granddaughter to sew than this one above.  She loves the movie, "Sound of Music", and I cannot tell you how often I have heard her sing, "Doe a deer a female deer; ray a drop of golden sun; me a name I call myself...sew a needle pulling thread."  Everyone knows that song.  The second reason the illustration is so great is that she is learning how to be a pianist, and a very good one I might add.  See the treble clef and the lines, spaces, and "d" note?  Finally, she has been asking me to teach her to sew for a long time.  We finally got started on her sewing lessons.  What enthusiasm she has.  Her first project is a small quilt made from a charm pack that I purchased for her.  Charm packs are 5"x 5" squares of coordinating fabric.  Usually a package will contain 40 squares.  She is sewing a Martha Vineyard charm pack.
This is not the Martha Vineyard charm pack... it is only an illustration of a charm pack.  
We laid the squares on the floor putting them in rows for the quilt.  Then I showed her how to pin right sides together, and then sew them into rows.  In one hour, she had two rows done, and she was pretty much done with sewing for the day.  Her attention span was fully expanded, and she was on to bigger and better things.  She has done an excellent job of sewing a straight, 1/4" seam which is no easy task.  I think she is going to be another Betsy Ross, or fashion designer.  She sure likes to draw ladies dressed in fancy clothes.  She can design what she draws.  Talent, talent, talent.
Lining up the edge for the 1/4 inch seam.

Here she goes...

Such concentration...

I set the speed of my machine to its slowest setting which was just right for her...

I stressed the importance of not sewing over our pins that hold the pieces of material together.  She is multitasking here.  She keeps sewing while she removes the pin, and puts it in the pincushion.  
I am so pleased that my granddaughter wants to learn to sew.  Who knows what we will make after our mini-quilt.  The sky is the limit.  Maybe she will make all her Christmas gifts this year.  You never know.  Keep checking, we will have the finished quilt sometime soon.


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