Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More of Maggie...

"Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been."  -Nursery Rhymn

Ice.  Maggie loves ice.  Whenever someone gets ice from the ice maker on our refrigerator, she comes running.  I think she likes to get showered with the bits of ice chips that don't make it into the glass, and come tumbling down to the floor.  When you get ice, she wants ice, so she has ice water in her drinking bowl most of the time.  Today she really explored the ice maker on the refrigerator. (pictures from my iPhone...I had to be fast to catch these).

Where does this ice come from?  It is here somewhere...somehow...maybe a closer look...

Wow, this is a tight spot.  Okay, it comes out and falls to the floor.  How do I get it to come out though?
Besides loving ice, her favorite toy, by far, is pipe cleaners.  Yes, she can have hours of fun with the things.  One time, Reid, my grandson, said he had a gift for Maggie...2 pipe cleaners: a yellow one, (his favorite color), and an orange one.  She has them all over the house, but they mostly live under couches, refrigerators, and behind closed doors.  She somehow plays with them, and gets them lost under places where she cannot retrieve them.  When I see she is low on toys, I do an "under items" search, and restock her toys.  Enjoy her as she plays with her pipe cleaners.

After all that play, she is exhausted...Time for a nap.


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