Thursday, February 7, 2013

Capturing "behind the camera" scenes...

"I believe in the photographer's magic- the ability to stir the soul with light and shape and color." -Amyn Nasser

I have the most wonderful friend, and neighbor, Stephanie DeFranco, who sometimes invites me to come along on her photo shoots.  While I enjoy taking pictures of her subjects, I sometimes like to take photos of her in action, and she sometimes takes pictures of me in action.  Photographers are seldom in pictures, so when we have someone take a picture of us, it is a wonderful gift.
Photo courtesy of Stephanie DeFranco
Well, she sent me a link of her "behind the camera" post using the pictures I had taken of her.  You can find it here:  It is well worth  a look.  It is fun, witty, and wacky.  Also, find out more information, photos, and thoughts at:

The photo club I belong to had a lighting workshop recently.  We took pictures of several different lighting techniques, but I liked the following examples the best.  Again, I had someone take pictures of me...for my blog of course.


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