Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our Valentines...

"When love is not madness, it is not love." -Pedro de la Barca

Valentine's, valentine's...I had two celebrations.  One was actually the day before when a couple of friends of mine hosted a valentine's party for Jane since she cannot host one herself.  Jane, in her younger days, was quite the social butterfly.  Being unable to get out, greatly depresses her, so we decided if she could not go to a party, we would bring a party to her.  I made the cake, and invitations, the other two ladies supplied the punch and fruit.  I was not sure how many were going to show up, but we had her little room filled with people.  There was no food left, and she had a splendid time.
Since Valentine's day was on Thursday this year, it fell on the day we had our grandkids.  We decided to throw a party with all kinds of good things.  Erynn requested chocolate covered strawberries, and I did some mandarin oranges for Reid.  To drink, we had root beer floats, a favorite for both of them.
I decorated the table, and actually took pictures, but I think I deleted them thinking I had already downloaded them to my computer, because I cannot find them anywhere.  Rats! The only decoration picture I have is one I took with my iPhone.
Warren and I had a scavenger hunt planned for the grandkids.  Each one got a piece of paper with 10 clues on it.  Each had their own room to hunt for the objects.  When they figured out the clue, they would find the object, and there was a quarter under it.  The only problem was as they were waiting for their dad to leave, they explored, and found many of the quarters.  Kids are so observant.  I had to tell them we had a game planned, and to quit looking around.  Next time, I guess we will have to make it a little harder.

We were going to go to the park, but Warren told me we couldn't go, we had to stay here.  Hmmm. I knew something was up.  I had gone in the backyard to play with the grandkids when Warren came to get us for the surprise.  He had hired the one of the High School boys choir to sing me a Val-o-gram.  He chose "Unchained Melody" which I love.  They gave me a cute Teddy Bear wearing a sweatshirt that said, "I love you" and a Hershey candy bar.  I loved it and was surprised to find myself tearing up.

I love doing art journaling, so I used some pictures of Warren and me to design a page in honor of Vanentine's day.
Sweethearts forever.


Deb said...

Aw. Sounds like you made a great Valentines Day for many and then got a nice surprise too. Good for Warren. You are always doing such nice things for everyone else and it is good you had a nice treat!

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