Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Photos of Tom...Tom Norcross

Photography is a means of recording forever the things one sees for a moment.  -Aaron Sussman

My all time favorite website: always has weekly challenges in photography, scrapbooking, and digital art journaling.  This week's challenge is this:

"My challenge for you today is to create a LO (layout) of the first few years of your life, with a view to continuing pages of the rest of your life and hopefully eventually having an heirloom album to pass down through the generations: A virtual journey through LIFE!" 

The challenges always stretch me.  I liked this one because it will be my history.  (When I get it done.) In preparation for my layout, I first had to dig up old pictures, which are in horrible shape, and they took me forever to find.  They have a very nice orange color cast, cracks, and smudges.  I will have a huge job of correcting them so they will be useable.  I will do my beginning layout sometime, but I wanted to put up some pictures of my brother, Tom, because every time I see Tate, I am so reminded of my brother.  More interesting is that Tate's middle name is brother's real name.  Yes, he was named after his grandpa Tom Eubanks, too...kind of like two birds in the hand or some cliche like that.  I like to think Luke and Jordan were divinely inspired.  I had so much fun remembering as I was looking through my old photos.  They will be showing up now and then, but for now, here are the pictures of Tom.  See if they remind you of Tate. 

Thomas Allen
Tom is in our old sandbox. It was one of our favorite places to play.  It was located close to a our neighbor's fence.  Sadly, the sandbox was torn down when my step-mom made our neighbors move their fence because was only on our property by three inches.  (I found this out years later from the neighbor).  I was told that they tried to buy the property, so they would not have to tear down, and rebuild the fence, buy my step-mom said no.  My neighbor said they moved shortly after that.  
I remember playing in this car like it was yesterday.  In fact, all the neighborhood kids  loved this car.  When we got too big to put our feet in, we placed them on the outside of the car on the hood, and someone pushed the driver.  So much fun was had in this car.  I wish we had kept the old car.  Warren and I have seen several of these old cars on the TV shows about Pawnshops and Pickers.  I kept telling him that Tom and I had an old car like was shown on the shows.  When I showed him this picture, He said it was an old Oldsmobile and was impressed that it had whitewall tires. 
Tom and I...we were best buddies.  This was our old swing set.  
That is my trip down memory lane for now.  I hope perhaps some can see why I think Tate looks like Tom.  


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