Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beth Moore's "The Great Forsake and Take"...

"But in all these things we overwhelming conquer through Him who loved us."  Romans 8: 37

We are more than conquers.  That is a fact and promise from our Lord, yet there are many times I don't exactly feel like more than a conquerer.  I feel more like the conquered.  This past Saturday, Beth Moore did a simulcast that was aired at our church.  In it, she shared scriptures that will help us "fight the good fight" with a reminder that if we have trusted Jesus as our personal savior, this victory is ours for the seeking because His Spirit dwells in us, empowering us.  Beth says, "You can also know in advance that when you pray to be courageous and filled with faith to the glory of His Name, you are praying the will of God for your life.  She has made her notes and scriptures available for us to download and print, along with instructions about effectively praying them so we can be more than conquerors, on her blog: http://blog.lproof.org (Sept. 15 entry).  It is called "The Great Forsake and Take." It has a cover sheet and will be about 17 pages to print, but oh so worth it. Now go out an conquer!  The victory is yours!


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