Friday, September 7, 2012

Experimental effect...

Tonight while I was waiting for Warren to get an upgrade on our DVD player so we could watch a movie, I surfed the web looking for some different ways to process photos.  I combined two of them and this is my result.
First I cropped and sharpened, then I added three different textures.  I used my lasso tool to outline the subjects, added a blur filter--average-- to take the texture off the people, but leave it on the background.  I changed the blending mode to linear burn on one texture, and soft light on the other two.   Dropped my opacity to 24%.  Then I used a dot brush in the upper left hand corner, then a brush with handwriting for the left side, and a little bit at the top right.  I used a light vignette, and a grunge frame to set every thing off.  I think it makes a drab ordinary picture into something interesting and fun.


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