Friday, September 7, 2012

More photos...

"Look and think before opening the shutter.  The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera." -Yousuf Karsh

I so enjoyed our "official" photo shoot with Luke's family.  Every one (and by everyone, I mean the adults.  The children are never cooperative) was pretty happy to go out to do photos...even Luke, in the beginning at least.  Jordan and I had scouted out places a couple of days before, and she picked clothing that was a nice contrast to the background.  Warren was happy to go along to hold the reflector for me, and the boys had a nice nap, so they could be in the best of moods.  Everything was going pretty well until Tate started to spit-up his last meal. Over and over again.  It was not a one time thing.   Poor Luke was the one holding Tate in all of his spitting up episodes.  By the end of the shoot, Tate and Luke were soaked.
Tate spitting--Sawyer smiling...
This picture, where I caught the spit up, was the last straw.  Luke was done.  Thank goodness it was at the end of our shoot.  I think we got some great pictures and in spite of all the mishaps with Tate, all in all, everyone was pretty pleased and happy with our outing.
Oh, you boys are so loved...

Sawyer and Dad...two handsome men...

Tate's not too sure he likes this.  Throwing him up in the air  might have been what started the whole incident of the spitting up.

Sawyer liked going high!  

So beautiful!

Now this is what I call fun, Dad!  More handsomeness!

Now Sawyer is not too sure.

Fun now!

I'm tired, Mom.  Can we go home?


Carol said...

Couldn't ask for more adorable subjects, and they're getting so big! So cute!! These are some great photos of all of them. What a happy group ... well, except when the spitting up started, I guess! But that didn't spoil the outing, just put a damp-er on things, especially Luke and Tate. Rob, I'm glad you and Warren were able to hop on the plane and go see your NC family! I'm enjoying the photos so much.

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