Monday, October 6, 2014

Twins...Dad Ride...

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."- Prob. 16:3

Teaching God's word to our children is best treasure one can give their child.  It can also be the most challenging endeavor as well.  Jordan has been working on scripture memorization with Sawyer and Tate.  She has asked me to help with this exercise by sending a scripture each month for them to memorize.  So since they love getting mail, I try to send something that will be fun for them to get, and they will know it is mail specifically for them...from their Mimi.
 First envelope...Who wouldn't want to get this in the mail?

Another envelope...

Here is an example of the scripture verses...
I haven't sent this scripture yet...I make several at a time and put them aside for later.

Jordan sent me this video of Tate saying the first verse they memorized... he needed a little help, but I think he did a super job.  It blessed me so much.  

Luke put together a weekend get together with all the boys, and their Dad for his birthday.  This adventure has been in the makes for about a year.  It is hard to find a time when all 5 of them can get away from work.  Zach drove from Texas here, and rode with Ian, and his dad.  Luke flew into Denver, Mark picked him up, and they drove to the said meeting place... Buena Vista, CO...Warren's old stomping grounds when he was a boy...for the "Dad Ride."  Luke made all the arrangements, sent out an itinerary of all the activities, and cooking assignments for all the meals.  Warren did not do any cooking.  Warren had the best time, and was so pleased with the adventure.  I have a few photos, but more will be coming later as they come in from the boys.

Zach and Dad ready to leave on the adventure...

Living room of the house they stayed in...

Looks pretty nice!

The bikes...they had 4 bikes, and one sag wagon driver...

Loaded down...

Zach and Luke


The gang...I requested they do a selfie


The ride starts...

Hmmm.  Is Mark giving orders?

Photo time...yeah.

Good more photos...

Ian and Mark
That's it for now.  I am glad they went, but I am glad they are all home safe and sound, too.  Thank you guys for giving Warren the best birthday present of all...your time.


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