Monday, October 13, 2014

Australian trip...Cairns...

Holly and I are off to Austrailia.
The worse part of going somewhere is getting there. This is a first to me...first time I have ever gone international for so great a distance. It took 34.5 hours to get here with the longest time of air travel being 13.5. Longest layover was in LA which was 7 hours. What made it bearable was the airline...New Zealand Air. There were good movies to watch, music for listening, blankets, and pillows. The service was incredible. Right away we are served with water, followed by a wonderful meal, then coffee, tea, soft drink, or wine. This flight left LA at night, so one can sleep...hopefully. Before lights were dimmed, beverages were again offered. We got breakfast served before landing. There were 8 pilots. I guess so they can take turns flying.
We had a layover in Auckland, then another 5.5 hour flight into Cairnes. On this flight I had all three rows to myself, so I stpread out on all three. More movies, another was great.
We were told not to sleep when we was around noon here. We are a block from the ocean. There were a ton of Pelicans.
We went out last night to experience the cuisine. We were told to try bugs which are not real bugs,but are a small lobster... Really ugly looking, but they taste wonderful. We have gone to visit an aboriginal village, crocodiles, snorkeling, and viewing the coral reef in a glass bottom boat. To day we are off to Syndney which will be a 3.5 hour flight. I am surprised that Austrailia is almost as large as the USA. The people here are funny, and wonderful. Even though they speak English, I have trouble understanding them. Right away we had to have maintenance come help us turn on lights, TV, and air conditioning.



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