Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tim Tam slam...and animals...

It has been so fun seeing the different animals here. We went to a koala park where they had all kinds of exotic animals. Right away we got to see a koala up close and personal.

These little critters are so sweet. They are a perfect example for how what you eat affects you. Their diet of eucalyptus leaves only makes them extremely low energy. They sleep 18-20 hours a day. They have only one set of teeth, so when the chewing of the leaves wears down their teeth, they can no longer chew, and basically starve to death. They are easily stressed which affects their health as well. They don't eat when stressed. We could pet, but not hold them because of how it stresses them out.

I was surprised at how little the kangaroos were. There are some taller and larger ones, but not where we were. They, too, are surprisingly gentle. We bought food to feed them...their teeth felt weird scrapping your palm, but they did not bite.

One of the experiences our tour guide said we had to try was a "Tim Tam slam". Tim Tams are a local "biscuit", sort of like our kit kat, only better. To experience this, one bites the top and bottom corners off, places it in a hot drink like hot chocolate or coffe or tea. Then you start slurping as if it were a straw. When the chocolate starts to melt you throw the biscuit in your mouth, bite down, and you experience a chocolate eruption in your mouth. Holly and I went to experience this...

Our Tim tams, and hot chocolate...

It was weird... At first I did not think the drink would come up since the biscuit is solid, but finally it did.

Sort of messy...and it looks like we might be snorting coke, but we are NOT...just chocolate..

Holly showing the bitten off ends...

Drink it all up! So amazingly good.
Well, we are in the airport getting ready to fly to New Zealand. Good 'ay as they say here..












Anonymous said...

Man, I want a Tim Tam now!! Lol. Loved the photos- felt like I was sitting right there at the table with you and Holly. And the koala and kangaroo photos were so precious. Keep the posts comin'!

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