Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday finds...

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you love.  It will not lead you astray." -anonymous

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What a busy week this has been.  A very productive one for pictures, too.  I walk with a friend at our soccer fields.  It used to be the old airport, which was the stomping ground for my brother and me when we were very young, but has since been converted to soccer fields, a skate park, and a walking trail. (on the old runways).
When we went walking, there was a nice thunderstorm brewing.  Even with the bad weather we were determined to get a walk in.  We were glad we did, because the Lord had the most beautiful double rainbow in the eastern sky.  I used my iPhone to take some pictures.

This was the first time I used the "pano" option on my iPhone.  As you can see, I was pretty pathetic.  God's rainbow is not crooked.

My second attempt was better...still not great though.  
I had a wonderful find of some burrowing owls.  Actually, I mentioned to a friend if she ever saw one of these owls to let me know where she spotted it.  She found a whole bunch of them.  They did not let me get too close, but I think I got some nice photos. These are three different owls.

This guy is really giving me the evil eye...

This one let me get the closest.  It is like he is saying,"what is this lady doing?"
In the field these owls were in, there were a lot of wild thistle plants.  I thought they were as nice as the owls.

And then there are the standard huge dandelions... I really like taking photos of these.
make a wish...
I love fact, I try to collect seeds from flowers I find in my travels.  The vacant lot down the street has a field of gaillardias.  Rather than gather seeds, I dug up some plants.  I took my shovel, and a bucket.  I came home with 12 new plants.  They look like they are all going to make it.

I have to show off some of our flowers that are now in bloom in our backyard.  I have enjoyed picking them to make bouquets for several rooms in our house.  Oh, they smell so wonderful!

Black-eyed susan

And apricots...our tree was loaded this year.  Our neighbor's plum tree was also loaded.  I spent the week picking, and freezing the fruit.  And eating as I picked.  So good, and sweet.
These are delicious
The last of the apricots.
I will close with a picture of Maggie, who is right there helping me with all my tasks.

So long for now...and be blessed!


Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

I'll bet you're close to me. I'm in Lubbock.

Karen Andrews said...

I feel blessed to be an observer to so many parts of your life! It is a fun one at that! Great rainbow pics--you must've really hustled to grab the camera!

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