Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday finds in Santa Fe...

Santa Fe is filled with rich colors, culture, and curiosities.  We are here so Warren can get some continuing education hours, and I am attending a photograph workshop put on by Nevada Wier who is a photo journalist for National Geographic.

I am linking this to Kim Klassen's Friday finds.  I have found so much...

Kim Klassen dot Com

One of our favorite finds is a custom hat shop...O'Farrell's Hat Shop.  I have always liked hats, but have had a hard time finding one that fits due to my small head.  Warren has always had a hard time finding a hat because of his big head.  Together, we average out to a normal head size.  Anyway, we bit the bullet and got fitted to have custom hats made for each of us.

This contraption maps the shape of your head...Warren and I do not have round heads, but very oval ones.
Some of the hat styles...

Selection of hat bands...
This is an example of their work.  We both selected a hat made from rabbit, and beaver felt.  Mine will be black, and Warren's is a pewter gray.  I have a beaded headband, and Warren a leather.  Our hats will not be available until November.  We both can hardly wait.
Very interesting hat...
This is our home away from home.  The building is over 200 years, adobe, with nothing straight about it.  I love it.  
 Of course, the choice of restaurants is endless.  We are partial to hamburgers.  Look at the size of this one we got at Zia Diner...mine was without the bun.


The building codes states that all buildings have to be in Pueblo, or Territorial style.  View down San Francisco Street.

Loretto Chapel

The Characters.  His hat has feathers, and pelts all over it.  I asked him about the pelts...he said they were road kill that he stuffed himself...gross.  But they look amazing on his hat.

Food cart on the Plaza

There is a train that runs from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, and back.  This is the Depot.

Indulging, and splurging...our Sangria.  We have not had one in years.  In fact, Warren is the one who introduced me to Sangria when we first got married.  I had my first one at a restaurant called La Tertulia (closed now) here in Santa Fe.
Santa Fe is one of our favorite places to visit.  There is so much to do, and see.  You can come a thousand times, and still you find new and interesting things every time.  Be blessed.


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