Saturday, June 1, 2013

29th Annual Milkman Triathlon

"Triathlon-It's not about finding your limits.  It's about finding out what lies beyond them." -Unknown

Today, June 1, was the 29th year of the Milkman Triathlon held in Dexter, NM at Lake Van.  This year there were over 200 contestants from all over the USA.  It is amazing how this event, in such a little town, is so famous to triathletes everywhere.   Many, many years ago,  I helped work the event, and my youngest two children, and husband were participants.  I am back in the helping mode by taking pictures.  I was to take pictures of the bike and run transitions.  I have over 1000 not worry, I am not going to post them all.  What a great time, and great athletes.  Most of all what an inspiration.  The oldest participant was Jim Lilley, age 85, who did the whole thing, and took first place in his age group.

Bike transition area.  Waiting for the race to start.

Jim Lilley is #727 (left), Michelle Royer, #4, bike portion of a relay team.

Jim Lilley left, top center--this person had to fix 2 flat tires before the race began;  bottom center and right are some of the participants.  

More scenes before the start.  There were a lot of people fixing flat tires before the event
Here are some people I recognized.  This is Ashley Smith (#202). I don't know her married name.  She was on the swim team with Mark, and Luke.  They all did Rainbow kid triathlons together, and of course, swim meets.  

Ashley Smith

Sean Lee

Jason Waltmire on the right, and his friend that I do not know his name.

Jason told me to take good pictures because he was not going to win any awards.  He was doing the race for fun and inspiration.  Actually, he did pretty well.  Jason was one of Ian's (my oldest son) best friends in school.
More of Jason Waltmire

Sarah Villapando.  She is an instructor at the Racquet Club with me.  
I do not know the following people.  I just like their character, and thought they made an interesting picture.
I think he looks like he could be a jockey at the Kentucky Derby.

In the transition area.  It is hard to get a shirt on when you are all wet.  I rarely saw anyone drying themselves. They just put on their shirts, and shoes.  
Here is the photographer that asked for photography volunteers.  She is the main, and best photographer, Jennifer Coats.
Taking pictures of the awards ceremony.
The person who puts the triathlon together year after year, and makes the whole event happen is Larry Marshall.  Thank you for all your hard work in making this event so great.
Larry Marshall
Finally, there is me.  
I think it would be so fun if next year we could have a McKelvy relay team participate in the Milkman.  Let's see.  Luke could swim; Mark bike, and Amber or Jordan could run.  I bet they would win.  We could have two teams actually.  The second team would be: Ian swim; Warren bike, and again either Amber or Jordan run.  They might win too since they will be in a much older age division.  The rest of us would be the cheerleaders.  I'd be the official documenter of the event with photos.  Get training guys and gals.  You have a whole year!


Anonymous said...

He this is Linda from the Milkman Team we had only 200 racers this year....Great photos will be fun to see them all when you post them

Rob said...

Thank you, Linda. I corrected my mistake.

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