Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photos of us...

"Just the two of us, building castles in the sky.
Just the two of us, you and I."  -Bill Withers

Warren and I went out to take some photos of the two of us, mostly because I have been so horrible about getting pictures of us this year.  Like I said before, my 2013 family album may be pretty slim if I do not get busy.  So...

One of our 30 day June challenge prompts was: books.  I had an inspiration photo for this set up, and asked Warren to help me stage it.  We carried out tons of books, piled them around; I set the camera settings, and Warren took the picture.  He is very good putting up with all my ideas, and very good at getting taking awesome photos.  I thought we were going to need my reflector, but the white pages of the book did a nice job of lighting my face, which Warren pointed that out to me as I was posing.  He is so good.  I think our picture was very successful.  Notice Maggie in the left side of the picture.  She's studying the books...or me, or something else.
My book photo...
After our book photo, we decided a good spot for a photo shoot was the Ice House on Virginia.  Actually, I decided.  Warren drove.  The back of the building has great texture, and character.  Since there is a sign that says, "No trespassing", I got permission from the owner before we went.  Permission is important...I do not want to get arrested.
The back of the Ice House.  I love all the old doors, different stone, and brick cool, and so is the guy standing in front of everything.
 I sure would like to see the inside of the Ice house.  I plan to arrange that sometime soon, too.  If the inside has as much character as the outside, I am going to love it.
I like this dragon graffiti, too.  Love the colors,  and the man standing in front of it.

My turn...

Now us...

I cannot leave out the cat.  She is part of us, too.  She was watching the book photo session with great interest.  She sniffed and checked out the books, then went to lie in the grass.  I cannot remember if I have already posted this picture.  What can I say, I am getting older.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  Old people forget, and repeat things.  And maybe pictures.  


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