Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New photo technique...

I have learned how to do a photo effect called ANGEL GLOW.  It is simple and I like the results.

The technique using Photoshop Elements 10:  THE ANGEL GLOW EFFECT
1. Open photo
2. Duplicate: command J (on a MAC)

3. Enhance--convert to black and white (portrait)
4. Enhance--Adjust lighting--lighten shadows and midtones
5. Filter-Blur--gaussian blur--4.7
6. change blending mode to overlay--adjust opacity
7. Flatten

Oil Painting
1. Duplicate: command J
2. Filter- artistic-underpainting- adjust sliders to your liking
3. Filter-blur-gaussian blur- to liking
4. change blending mode to overlay-adjust opacity
5. Erase over eyes to sharpen them
6. Flatten

To enhance background color
1. duplicate
2. enhance-brightness/contrast-boost both
3. filter-blur-gaussian blur
4. blending mode- overlay
5. Erase over subject


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