Sunday, June 24, 2012

There's a lot of celebrating going on out there...

I thought I lost my SD card with all my pictures from this past week on it.  I remember Pioneer Woman lost her SD card with the Miss Mustang beauty contestants on it, and she never did find it.  Thankfully, I found mine...and yes, there was a lot of celebrating going on out there.  It started with Father's Day which we celebrated with Ian's family, which is so much better than doing it alone.  Especially for Warren since he is not my Father, and I did not do much except make a nice meal.  He had to grill his own meat though, but that's okay, because I had to make my own birthday cake.  So we are even. We started off the week honoring and celebrating these fathers... two of the best in the west.
The Fathers: Warren and Ian
The picture above is a composite of two pictures.  In one picture, Ian is sharp and Warren is blurry.  In the second picture, Warren is sharp and Ian is blurry.  So I just picked the sharp people and put them together.  
 Whew, Ian is going to have no excuse for not having a bar-b-que.  He has all the equipment, thanks to his kids.
Erynn Made this banner.  It is too cute!

Pawpaw got a pretty wild shirt!  I love all the colors.  It's cute too.

Warren got the seasonings for a bar-b-que. Maybe Ian and Warren should plan a bar-b-que together.

Ian and Erynn go over the homemade cards.
I love this picture...Daddy and daughter connecting.  So precious and rare these days.  Then on Wednesday, June 20th, I had my 59th birthday.  Warren did a fantastic job decorating for the party.
 Around the birthday banner, he had mini white lights and I was impressed that he thought about buying birthday plates.  Even after all these years of marriage, Warren never ceases to amaze me.
Up close.

 This is a Coconut cake with cream cheese frosting from the Barefoot Cantessa cookbook.  Look at the colorful candles Warren bought.  I am so glad he did not put on 59 candles.  It would have taken a long time to light them all.  This cake is going to be added to the McKelvy favorite cakes.
Notice Warren is wearing his Father's day shirt.  Pretty handsome Dude!
 Presentation and singing Happy Birthday.  Erynn played the song on the piano, and did a great job.
Getting rid of all my hot air.  
 We are never too old to celebrate our birthdays and family makes them fun.
 Here are two reasons that help make birthdays so special: Erynn and Reid.  They are cute, too.  I think I am over working the word "cute."  I really don't care.
 Cute shirt...Thank you Laurie, Ian, Erynn and Reid

And Bath and Body stuff too.

The next day, we had a mini birthday party for Reid at our house since his birthday happened to fall on the day they come over for the afternoon.  It was just Warren, me, Erynn, and Reid.  His official party was the next day when his other grandmother's would be in town.  I told you we celebrated all week.
 I converted the table to for Reid's birthday.
His cake

Opening a few presents.  He wanted to open presents before we ate the cake.  

Blowing out the candles. Notice how he gets closer...

and closer...

and closer to the cake.  


Good cake.

 Not to be left out of the celebrating was Maggie.  She had a great time playing with the balloons.  And I might add, she loved licking the cake batter bowl after the batter was poured in the pans.
She's going to get that balloon.  Super cat.

Look at those claws.  It finally popped, but it took a long time.  It did not scare her much either which surprised me.
Well, that is enough pictures for now.  There is more.  Good times...good times.  I know you cannot wait.


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