Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Playing catch up

I have gotten so behind on my blogging--which seems to be the story of my life--always behind. I decided today I would get some what caught up, so there maybe several postings today.  First, I want to say one of my favorite days of the month is the day I meet with my Art Journaling friends at one of the lady's home for a "playday" where we can all get together and work on our art journals.  We do a lot of talking, show-n-tell, and eating too!  I will have to show my pages later when I get them photographed, but here's sort of what it looks like:

Play Day...this is only half the room!

Supplies, and Lucky, the cat loves to "help out."
Needless to say, we have a very good, creative time.  I thank Margaret for hosting this wonderful day once a month.  I cannot wait until our next one.

For this next part, I have to blame the "flylady."  I cannot remember how I stumbled onto her website,, I think I found it at Pioneer Woman, but I love it.  Remember how my word for 2012 is "Purge?" Well, this website specializes in helping a person get organized and stay organized.  I am pretty organized, but this lady is over the top.  I like how she has you do things that you never get done.  I just follow her daily tasks, I don't do the control journal, or the rest.  You are not supposed to spend anymore than 15 minutes on a task.  Well this one day, the task was to sweep your front porch, and tidy it up.  The sweeping was no problem, but I looked at our front door, and the side panels and thought, 'my these need to be repainted!'  Since it was only the bottom part that needed it so badly, I thought it would not take anymore than 15 minutes.  
And it didn't, but I decided while I had the paint and paint brush out, that I would paint the legs of our wooden outdoor table.  Which I did.  Then I noticed our back gate needed some touch up.  So I got out the blue paint and did that.  This led to painting the border of the outdoor table, which led to me painting the rest of it.  
Here's the whole table
one end up close
the other end up close
Needless to say, this took longer than 15 minutes.  I worked on it on and off for a couple of days.  Since the round tiled table bit the dust, this table has taken its place.  Just so you will know, painted tables on Mackenzie-childs,, are $1,500- $15,000.  (I mostly look at the pictures and drool, plus get ideas).  I am sure my table would not be worth that, but it sure looks a lot better than it did.  I only got around to this because one thing led to another, and it all started with the Flylady, so I blame her.  

Lastly, here are some Thursday afternoon photos.  We invited McKenzie to join the grandkids for swimming and Easter egg hunting.  
Reid, McKenzie, and Erynn
We cannot forget my awesome husband who is on his way out the door to sing in the choir for the Easter musical presentation at our church.  
Love this man!
Just a reminder...go to Jordan's blog,, and check out "opening day."  I promise you that it will lift your spirits, and put a smile on your face.

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." -Mother Teresa


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