Thursday, April 26, 2012

Moth invasion and other stuff...

When I say we are having a moth invasion, I am not kidding.  It is horrible and disgusting.  There are thousands of Miller moths everywhere.  I start off the morning sweeping them up, and there are hundreds. No joke or exaggeration.  Then in a couple of hours, I do the same thing, and that is how my day goes.  We have a bug zapper on the back porch, and my patio area underneath the light is covered with dead moths.  We have nice, plump birds in our backyard.  I think they are satiated because usually they eat all the bugs, and they are leaving a lot of moths...which means I have to sweep them up!  Someone told me the life span was 12 hours, but that is not so--I looked it up.  What I did not know is the caterpillar stage is of this moth is the army cutworm.  This information makes me more determined to get rid of the nasty things.  Cut worms can wipe out your garden overnight.
Gross isn't it?
Okay, on a more pleasant note, we had a mini birthday party for Erynn today since it is the Thursday before her 7th birthday. (Monday she is officially 7.  Can you believe that?).  We had cake and ice cream and a few presents.  Then we went to Roswell Regional Hospital or should I say "Lovelace" Regional Hospital since it sold, to feed the Coy fish, then on to the railroad tracks to look for wonderful RR spikes. Reid found the most, and he started testing the ones that were holding down the track and found a ton that were loose.  He pulled them out and had quite the haul.  Hopefully, we will not have a train derailment as a result.  Oh, and we laid pennies on the track and will go back next week to see if we can find our flattened pennies.
Little Miss Erynn and her cake.

Notice the loot in his hand, and he is diligently searching for more.
Now for some our flowers from our yard.  Are they not gorgeous?
Peony and Iris. 
And I cannot forget my wonderful man tucked away in his favorite spot doing his favorite past-time.
Love this man! He makes my heart sing!
"Life is like photography.   You use the negatives to develop." --Anonymous 


Laurie said...

Love the peony photograph! So crisp & beautiful.

It's funny that you wrote about moths-- we had somewhat of an invasion in our house last week! They're smart little things-- they managed to get through a small crack under our front door. When I discovered them, I thought they were dead-- well, they PLAYED dead, because whenever I tried to sweep them outside, they all flew up into the air-- many INSIDE our house. Yuck! I killed most of them, but they were hard to kill. I'll be glad when they all die out and leave us alone!

Rob said...

Amen to that...the dead moths.

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