Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Little bit of this and that...

It has been busy, busy, busy around here.  I took the grandkids over to see the kitten we would be getting in several weeks.  My how she has grown.  And her ears are even starting to look more like cat ears.  I thought I might show pictures of the red car where she was born, and the cat condos.  Like I said before, this place is a cat haven.
This is where Maggie was born...
Underneath the big white thing in the trunk.  

The cat condos or apartments...

More outside. 

Now for a look at our little kitten, Maggie.
Isn't she the cutest thing?

Reid was not interested in the kitten or the cats.  He really liked playing in this old pick-up cab.  I would have liked to have taken it home with me to put in our 'way back' yard.  I loved all the colors in this pick-up cab.
A perfect playhouse for a boy!

So much to see...

and explore.
McKenzie joined us later in the afternoon, and we all went to the Racquet Club for a swim.  Reid actually put his face in the water and swam the length of the pool (25 yards), without floaties on his arms, only stopping long enough to catch his breath and put his face back down. (He has picked up Erynn's habit of holding his nose.)  Oh well, we can work on that later.  I don't know who was more thrilled: him or me.  He did not want to leave to come home.
He's an official swimmer now. No more floaties.

McKenzie and Erynn.
Erynn and Reid.

Erynn came up with this pose herself.  I think it is rather lovely!
Finally, I caught a great picture of the first dragonfly I have seen this year.  
The name of this dragonfly is: Flame Skimmer...

And it is a female.

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