Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nice surprise

On Thursday, Warren went to get his final  diagnostic test done for his back...a CT myelogram.  It was pretty uneventful, and we do what most others do at a hospital...wait, then wait some more, and then wait even more.  I had to go with him because they did not want him driving afterwards.  So I waited and read while he was getting the x-rays done, then while the dye was diffusing into his spine I joined him, and took pictures using my iPhone to document the day.
Signing his life away. are good when you are waiting.  It helps kill time.
He was hungry afterwards so we literally integrated Burger King.  We were the only white people in the place. 
We learned what we already knew--his back is a mess.  We will send the films and report to the Dr. in Denton, TX, then see what he recommends and go from there.  So it was not a very fun, or exciting way to spend the day.  But I am happy to report it did end on a very wonderful note.  When we got  home, there was a strange box in our mailbox.  Warren is usually the one who orders stuff, but he had not ordered anything.  I looked at the address which was not familiar with me, until I remembered that my niece had her mom had moved recently.  Well, this was a "just because" box filled with the cutest, most wonderful stuff!  It did bring tears to my eyes.  It was from my niece, Melissa Norcross, and her mom, Mara Yachik.  There was a very sweet note tucked inside, and it made feel so very loved.  A big hug and thank you go out to them.  I know your on pins and needles wondering what wonderful stuff was inside...
There was a tea towel with the cutest lambs all over it; Mary Engelbriet cards, notepad, pen, and cupcake papers that are just the cutest things I have ever seen.  I wanted to stir up a batch of muffins or cupcakes right then.   See for yourself.

Isn't this just the cutest stuff ever!

And aren't these cupcake papers adorable.  Good advice on the bottom too!

Love these sheep... I am the "worried" one.  My slogan is "I worry so you don't have to."

Since I received this and it lifted my spirits way up, I want to encourage everyone who reads this to think about doing a "just because" package for someone.  What a wonderful thing it is.  Thank you so very much.


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