Saturday, June 26, 2010

Smidge mishap again

Friday when I came home from my aerobics class, I found Smidge sitting under the table on the back porch with half of his face swollen about the size of a softball. I thought he must have been stung by a bee, but then remembered he had blood in his ear earlier during the week, so I was suspicious it might be an abscess. I called the vet, who said bring him in. I was just thrilled with this bit of information, because it is a major wrestling match to get Smidge into a cat carrier. It is like world war III. My first attempt was fruitless, and did nothing but break open his abscess which made a huge mess. He was upset; I was upset, and both of us were shaking. Both of us were determined to win their part in this battle. I won by getting him in the carrier with the help of Meghann. We both put on long sleeves to prepare for the battle.

The news was not good. He had two major abcesses. One on the top of his head and the other on the side of his face. No wonder his face was so swollen. The next battle will be getting the medicine in the puncture wounds which we have to apply two times a day.

I went to pick him up today, and he is rather pitiful looking, but he has to be feeling so much better. The whole incident reminded me of the "Hank the Cowdog" episode when Hank gets bitten by the rattlesnake and his face is swollen. He is thankful for Sally Mae taking him to the vet. Usually, Smidge meows his protest all the way to and from the Vets. This time he did not protest very much. So I think maybe he knew it was for his benefit and was thankful like Hank. Well, maybe not--I did have a hard time getting him in the cat carrier.

Just for the record, on his bill, which was $215, his age was listed as 15 years and 3 months. That makes Smidge 105 years old. I was very happy to pay the bill, because I was so thankful to still have him around. And Warren didn't seem to mind either.

The first puncture hole

The Cheek puncture and worse one

Rather pitiful looking Smidge. He should know he is getting to old for fighting.


Melanie said...

Poor Smidge, and what a battle it must have been to get him to and from the vet. Loved your writing, I feel as tho I was there standing next to you as it was happening...Mel

Your photography is really stunningly good!

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