Thursday, June 17, 2010

Outtake to Treasure

My portraiture class has come to an end. All that remains it to get the comments on our lessons which will be forthcoming in the next week or so. The Jessica Sprague website ( is one of my favorite sites. I can spend hours reading the forums and following links to other very inspiring websites. It is one of the rare places, I find much pleasure in reading and learning. Recently, one of the topics and posts were our outtakes, our "rejects", from some of our photo shoots. I submitted one outtake that I think is a treasure. Let me explain.

I had asked a friend of mine who had 4 boys, if I could take pictures them for one of my assignments. These boys were so great, kind, courteous, and did the best they could to do the strange poses I asked of them. The youngest boy, Samuel, was not too sure of the whole situation and had an occasional meltdown. As I looked at the pictures from the shoot, one of the things that struck me was the love the oldest boy showed to his youngest brother. He is hugging, kissing, reassuring, and calming this little one. These "outtakes" are my favorite of the whole shoot. The emotion is raw and real. The ones we might consider as "no good" are really the treasures. Isn't that how God looks at us? He looks past the surface into our hearts.

"God not only hears our words, He listens to our hearts." ...unknown

"We are like angels with just one wing; we fly only by embracing each other." ...unknown

The Outtake that is my treasure


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